Good News from MSM: If the COV Vaccine Made You Ill, That’s Good!


The Hill has a ridiculous puff piece titled, Felt sick after your COVID booster? That’s a good thing, new science shows. What about the people who have heart problems, blood clotting, Bells Palsy? Is that a good thing?

There are many of these articles pumping up the shots nonsensically. This is gaslighting. Studies are showing that vaccines are tied to adverse effects in some people. Yet it’s ignored.

The first sentence in the article says, “If you felt like absolute garbage the day or two after your last COVID-19 vaccine, there’s a silver lining for you.”

I never had a vaccine that made me ill for days, but the two Pfizer shots I took gave me strange symptoms for two days – chills, sweating, chills again, and so on. But, hey, that’s a good thing, according to the Hill. People I know were sick longer, and the Hill wants you to think that’s a good thing.

Dr. Panda writes:

I read the study they referenced in the articles. It has not been peer-reviewed. Of the 3,200 participants, the average age was 65. The symptoms are self-reported. And the most important takeaway is the study wasn’t even on the new bivalent booster as the articles imply.

The participants received two doses of the original monovalent mRNA. Interesting to note also is the average age in this study is older. Generally, older patients have fewer vaccine side effects than younger patients. The initial antibody response to vaccination diminishes with age. So one would assume if this study sampled a younger age group, even more vaccine side effects would be found.

Dr. Panda continued:

Newly released FOIA emails from the CDC show they pressured the FDA to approve the boosters without clinical trial data. This ultimately led to 2 top FDA officials resigning over frustrations with pushing booster shots.

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1 year ago

The next Gaslighting Headline will be, “If the COV Vaccine Kills You, That’s Good!”

Mark Schwendau
Mark Schwendau
1 year ago

Sudden adult death syndrome after the Covid shots, even better, right? Idiots!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

We were disappointed that you got jabbed but did not know the effect. Since you got ill, you did not get a saline injection. You may be like many others who got the jab as a condition to continue seeing relatives. I know people who did that to keep seeing grandchildren. One of them lost most of his hair within 2 months at age 60. He filled out a VAERS report, but has not learned his lesson, believes the media reports.