Good News Study on Global Warming the Media Buries


A new study, an actual scientific study, found that plants will absorb 20 percent more carbon dioxide than predicted by the end of the century. This strongly suggests climate models are overestimating how fast the planet will warm.

Trinity College Dublin said its research painted an “uncharacteristically upbeat picture for the planet” after finding models had failed to take into account all the elements of photosynthesis.

During photosynthesis, green plants use light energy from the sun to convert carbon dioxide, water, and minerals into the sugars they need for growth.

Scientists thought climate change could weaken the process, but the new research suggests plants can adjust to the temperatures, efficiently absorbing carbon dioxide, producing extra nutrients, and continuing to thrive.

They found that on a global scale, the amount of carbon converted during photosynthesis could be up to 68 percent greater by the end of the century compared to the start of the century and 20 percent more than some current models suggest.

Other studies have suggested the same thing.

Trees are getting bigger because of carbon dioxide in the air, which will also help reduce global warming. Trees in the US are growing 1% bigger every year, partly due to fertilizer which the Left wants to ban.

But none of this is about global warming for globalists, is it? The media wants you to hear only bad news.

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