Good News! Trump to Install Loyalist Ric Grennell as Acting Intel Chief


Ambassador to Germany, Ric Grennell, will soon become the Acting director of national intelligence, according to the New York Times. Amb. Grennell is a loyalist and highly competent.

Dan Coats was the DNI until August of 2019.

The ambassador is expected to start on Thursday. He will oversee and integrate the U.S. intelligence community and will advise the president and the National Security Council on intelligence matters that concern national security.

The President has suffered under the mindless probes by the intel community — the deep staters who hate him. Things will change dramatically under Amg. Grennell who is very trustworthy. President Trump is quickly cleaning house and putting his people in key positions.

Mr. Grenell would also be the first openly gay Cabinet secretary. That is historic and it is President Trump who is doing it.

The current Acting DNI, Joseph Maguire, is the appointee who delayed sending the fake whistleblower complaint on to the Inspector General for the intel community.

For the past two decades, Mr. Grennell has served as a political adviser to Republicans and is the longest-serving U.S. spokesperson to the United Nations. He is the founder of Capitol Media Partners.

As ambassador to Germany, he has pushed the Germans to not participate in the NordStream2 gas pipeline with Russia. Russia was attempting to provide energy to the EU and then leverage it over them.

He has fought against 5G under Huawei, the Red China state company that pushes its employees to spy and steal secrets.

Grennell is also known to have relentlessly pursued deportation of a Nazi officer who had been living in the United States for decades.

It is Grennell who pushed Germany to increase its NATO contributions and pressured German companies to cut business with Iran.

The rats nesting in the intel community will go bonkers with Grennell, a Trump loyalist, in charge. Prepare for hysteria.

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