Good to Know! Biden’s Economy Is Moving to Resilient Growth


Democrats were on the major Sunday news shows yesterday. The cadre of excuse makers claimed Biden is doing a “very good job” by “any metric.” That’s not satire. After blaming COVID-19, supply-chain bottlenecks, and Putin on CCN with Dana Bash, Biden’s National Economic Council director Brian Deese said the country’s economy is moving toward a new cycle of growth.

“Our economy is in a period of transition. We’re moving from the strongest economic recovery in modern history to what can be a period of more stable and resilient growth,” Brian Deese told “Fox News Sunday.”

“People should also take confidence that we are better positioned than any other country to navigate through this and keep our recovery going,” Deese said.

Stating that the United States has “the strongest job market in modern history,” Deese admitted that gas and grocery costs “create real hardship and uncertainty” for Americans.

“The president has made it very clear that combating inflation is his top economic priority,” Deese told Fox News.

Deese said that the administration aims to continue giving the Federal Reserve independence to fight inflation. So far, they aren’t doing very well.

Biden’s going to lower Internet and prescription drug prices, Deese said. In reality, he reversed Trump’s drug price decreases.

Another part of Biden’s plan to cut inflation is to cut down the federal budget deficit. They make the claim even as he spends wildly and increases the deficit.

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