Good voting rights news for Republicans which makes states the next targets


Democrats control Washington, but Republicans have dominance in the states and the courts. So says Axios. They’re not happy but it gives us hope.

The danger here is our rulers want this stopped and they will work hard to make that happen. They can’t make us completely Marxist if states have these powers.

The GOP controls a majority of statehouses and state legislatures and more state Supreme Court justices lean Republican than Democrat. All of this is backed by Republican-appointed majorities on federal appeals courts and the U.S. Supreme court.

As Biden is ready to sign HR-1, which will cement voter fraud into law, Republicans are moving ahead in 43 states to tighten up loosey-goosey voting laws.

Axios writes: Just as Biden is taking a maximalist approach to Washington power; Republicans are doing the same state-by-state.

Axios mentioned that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed a new voting law that significantly tightens ‘access to polls.’

Elections “will never be the same in Georgia,” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports atop today’s front page, with changes that “will be felt by millions of voters, potentially with enough impact to alter the results of close elections in a sharply divided state.”

That is ridiculous. The Georgia law is very reasonable. It ends ballot harvesting and requires voter ID for absentee ballots. Also, once the polls close, the counting of ballots has to be non-stop.

Biden is a sleazy politician who will disgracefully say anything.

Democrats see such changes, which Republicans are pushing in 43 states, as a real threat to their chances of winning congressional and other races.

President Biden yesterday called the Georgia law “an atrocity.” “This is Jim Crow in the 21st Century. It must end. We have a moral and Constitutional obligation to act.”

The Jim Crow laws were Democrat laws and that’s not this. It’s not Jim Crow to want voter ID.

By the numbers: Republicans have 27 of the 50 state governors, and control 30 state legislatures (compared to 18 for Democrats, with Minnesota divided and Nebraska nonpartisan).

The catch: Republicans admit that states face very real limits in a federally dominated system. The most notable is federal control of economic policy, which leaves the states on the margins of most debates.

What’s next: Around the country, Republican-controlled state legislatures are trying to thwart Washington with action on gunsvoting rightsabortiontransgender youth, and participation of transgender students in athletics.

Axios seems pathetically unhappy. They want Democrats to have all the power, but so far, they don’t.

Republicans have the power to stop a lot of voter fraud in 43 states.

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