Google TAKE DOWN & REVERSAL! Video Exposé of Planned Parenthood


Google took down a Lila Rose at Live Action video that had been posted for eight years. It was raw footage of a Planned Parenthood manager helping a child sex trafficking ring. YouTube decided to remove it during human trafficking awareness month.

YouTube even threatened to terminate their account after rejecting their appeal. They called it “sexually provocative.”

Exposing a corrupt Planned Parenthood manager is “sexually provocative?”

They also wrote that “violent, graphic, or humiliating fetishes, aren’t allowed on YouTube.”


That was a lame excuse to protect their precious abortionists, Planned Parenthood.

Something made them change their minds. Perhaps they realized it would be hard to get away with this given Lila Rose’s high visibility. Whether you agree with what Lila Rose is doing or not, censorship should concern everyone. The tech giants do this kind of thing all the time.

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