Google Thinks Angela Merkel Is Leader of the Free World


Breitbart reported that thanks to reliance on Wikipedia, if you google ‘Leader of the Free World’, up comes Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany.

We tried it out and found they weren’t kidding.

Google’s algorithm used Wikipedia as the guide. The biased publication led to this nonsensical outcome.

If Angela Merkel is the leader of the free world, we’re not living in a free world. She’s in bed with Putin and relies on him for her nation’s energy. Chancellor Merkel is also in bed with Iran, the world’s leading State sponsor of terrorism. Merkel has been censoring social media, the media in general, and her country is overrun by radical Islamists.

When you google the phrase, this is what you get:

When you google the same phrase on Bing, you get something similar but the first thing that comes up is the left-wing ‘Business Insider’ with a listing of the 14 most powerful world leaders from 2015 and of course President Trump wasn’t around at that point.

This is what you get from Bing:

The top result scrapes information from Wikipedia, which notes that the English-language establishment media has increasingly used the term “leader of the free world” in connection with Chancellor Merkel, Breitbart reports.

Even Angela Merkel thinks it’s absurd according to Breitbart.

One article that comes up on page 1 is ‘How Emanuel Macron became leader of the free world.’

The thing that is clear is the bias against the President is relentless.




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5 years ago

“leader of the free world” *Free* to murder, abuse women & etc…! That’s not freedom & no true leader would condone it.

5 years ago

You are a brainwashed fool if you think google or any computer “thinks”, google merely spits out what HUMANS program it to.