GOP Call on Biden to not Include Trans in Title IX – It Hurts Women


Our US dictator Joe Biden and his administration have been moving forward with plans that would change Title IX to allegedly protect the rights of transgenders or transvestites who call themselves women. But they have some resistance.

On Monday, a group of 22 Republican senators called for Biden to back off because he’s hurting women.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville – a former college football head coach – led the resistance. He called on Joe Biden and his administration to withdraw their plans to change Title IX, arguing that the change would adversely affect women.

“Congress made clear that its intention in passing Title IX was to prohibit discrimination against women participating fully in all aspects of athletic and academic opportunity at institutions that received federal financial assistance,” the senators wrote, according to the Washington Examiner. “This proposed rule uses weakly-associated case law and polarizing social concepts to broaden the definition of women and girls to include individuals who identify as women, and in doing so, the intent of the law is destroyed, and women are marginalized yet again.”

This shouldn’t be an issue. Transgender women are men and should not compete in women’s sports or use their bathrooms and locker rooms.

Riley Gaines Takes on the Cause

Riley Gaines shared some of the experiences the women at her college experienced. The insanity is destroying women’s sports, and it’s dangerous.

She spoke about what it was like changing in the locker room with a group of women, and then a 6’4″ male with full genitalia — Lia Thomas — comes in and changes in front of you.

“The overwhelming majority of us, girls, felt so uncomfortable. We felt betrayed. We felt belittled,” Gaines testified before the House Homeland Security Committee Hearing On Left-Wing Organized Violence.

“Of course, in the locker room, especially, it’s awkward. It’s embarrassing. It’s, again, it’s this feeling of, the best word to describe it is traumatic. No one protected us. No one stood up for us, and so, that’s exactly why I’m doing what I’m doing.” [….]

“Our safety, our privacy, it doesn’t matter,” she said. “We should smile and step aside and allow these men into our space, or else you’re a bigot.” [….]

“We were not forewarned we would be sharing a changing space,” she testified. “No one told us. No one asked for our consent. We did not give our consent to undress in front of a male. Yet, the only time we became aware of this is when it was presented in front of us, and it was too late.”

The Horrible Situation

Gaines described a horrible situation. A 6’4″ male with full genitalia could come in and change in front of them as they were changing and that they — as 18 to 22-year-old girls — could do nothing about it because it was sanctioned. She said she left the room and went to an official to ask, “How is this allowed to happen?” He looked at her and told her they solved the problem by making their locker room “unisex,” “‘So, it’s not a big deal.’”

That’s insane: meaning any man could just come into their changing room. That was their “solution.”

Gaines said Lia Thomas’ teammates faced the same problem, and the administration told them if they “feel uncomfortable seeing male genitalia,” they could get counseling.

That’s disgraceful and perverse.

She was assaulted by protesters at San Francisco State University and kept imprisoned against her will for three hours. She was there to give a speech about rights and was invited by Turning Point USA.

The Sorority Creep

Then there is the case of the sorority sisters who are suing to get the man pretending to be a woman out of their sorority house.

He has erections around them and sometimes stares at them for hours.

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6 months ago

The explosion of Mental Illness in America is incredible. Prior to the 1960s, Gay and other forms of Gender Dysphoria was almost none existent. In the late 60’s Gays came out of the Closet and entered the Schools; they infected Religion and even the Boy Scouts. In the last 10 years there has been the Trans Insanity that has thoroughly infected Grammar and High School. This was not organic, it was organized and planned. It was made possible by Government shielding Academia from public scrutiny and the idea that Educators actually know how to raise Children. Education should be a second career for “Adults”. Educators should be at least 40 years old, raised children, and had a successful career. Educators should not be people who still think like children, do drugs, and never held a job outside of Education. Imagine if we drug tested Teachers on a regular basis and they were screened for metal illness.

What happened to the Power of the PTA to direct standards of conduct and set educational standards in schools? What happen to Reform Schools? We now find schools totally run by Education Experts who have no real skills or Common Sense. If they did they would have held a real job in the past. I’ve met dozens of teachers who still live at home with their Parents. This is not some who can teach children to grow up and be independent. Why is school now totally focused on preparing students for College and not on creating well rounded self sufficient adults? Courses like Shop and Home Economics are far more important than a Foreign Language. Many schools no longer teach Date Science, Computer Science, Physics, or Astronomy. Social Studies are geared to making Social Justice Warriors instead of an in depth study of the Deceleration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, the Constitution and the Federalist / Anti-Federalist Papers. We no longer teach Geography. Modern America History is a akin to a fictitious novel. Most High School Graduates couldn’t pass a Senior Exam from 1900.

Kids today have no concept of a Dial Telephone and can’t tell time on an Analog Clock. They have no understanding of Government. Some don’t even know who the President is and how many people are in the Senate, House, or on the Supreme Court. They believe everything they see on Google or hear on Twitter is true. They have no idea how Government and Business actually works because schools teach ideological garbage.

America doesn’t need Lawyers and Financial Advisors. It needs Plant Operators, Field Service Technicians, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc. Universities don’t produce people like that. The last thing we need is more Government employees!

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
6 months ago

Watching leftists is like watching a demolition derby.

John Vieira
John Vieira
6 months ago

How much ‘proof’ is needed to ‘prove’ the perverse bent of the ‘lunatics’ that now RUN the asylum???