Greg Gutfeld Explains Perfectly How the Left Justifies the Russiagate Lies


The Durham Report cratered the little bit of respectability the FBI still had. It’s sad for the good people in the agency, but their leadership is corrupt. The media is trying to downplay the report, and Adam Schiff and others still deny the truth.

The Left is trying to discredit the report. It’s too dangerous to stand.

The top lieutenant of the Mueller probe, Andrew Weissman, claims it’s a “big fat nothing.” Former Acting FBI Director Andy McCabe says he “stands by the investigations they made.” Morning Joe said, “It’s a complete dud, another dud by John Durham.”

None of that is true.

Greg Gutfeld Explains Why They Though It Was Okay to Lie

The FBI took absurd intelligence to launch a fraudulent investigation and kept it going despite no predicate and no evidence. The intel came from Hillary Clinton’s campaign and was sourced from a man tied to the Kremlin. The purpose of Russiagate was to distract from her email scandal, and everyone in the Obama administration knew.

The entire Russiagate conspiracy was a hoax.

Greg Gutfeld was on fire, as Citizen Free Press indicates in the clip below. His point is that Democrats rationalize by making Donald Trump into a devil. That allowed them to do whatever they needed to do to stop him. That’s how you treat the devil. The end justifies the means.

Democrats convinced a lot of people DJT was Hitler. The politicians had the media to push the lies. Trump added to it at times with his comments, but at least 90% of what was said about him was untrue.

Nothing was more important than destroying this existential threat that was Donald Trump.  Yet, it was all a lie.

We can’t survive for long with half the country trying to destroy the other half. The Left is dismantling the institutions and our laws, claiming they are doing it out of virtue. Their consciences seem deactivated.

It’s not likely the wrongdoers will be held accountable, and they are still lying, convincing some people who don’t like the right or who don’t like to admit they’re wrong that the report is bogus.

They claim they fight for democracy as they destroy it.

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