GOP has the votes to replace RBG on the Court, Schumer goes fascist


The only holdouts among the GOP were Mitt Romney, Cory Gardner, and Chuck Grassley. They have come out to say that they will vote to fill the Supreme Court seat left vacant with the death of Justice Ginsburg. All three have decided to follow the Constitution, our rule of law.

Not only is it spelled out in the Constitution, but there is also precedent in 22 of 22 cases in the President’s last year. The Constitution compels this to be done. Does anyone doubt that Democrats would do the same if the situation was reversed?

The only two who won’t consider voting are Lisa Murkowski who isn’t a Republican and Susan Collins who is left-wing on many issues and who is also in a very tough race for her Senate seat.

Watch Romney:

Cory Gardner’s statement:

Democrats’ threats backfired:

There is no ambiguity:

Mark Levin states the obvious, Schumer is a fascist and the GOP is following the law. The Democrats are lawless in this regard:

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., spoke like a fascist when he vowed that “nothing is off the table” if President Trump goes forward with a nomination to replace late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, according to “Life, Liberty & Levin” host Mark Levin.

“What the president is doing is traditional and constitutional,” Levin, a former Reagan Justice Department official, said at the opening of Monday’s edition of “The Mark Levin Show”.

“Chuck Schumer said that if Donald Trump — who is the president for four years — nominates someone to the Supreme Court while he’s the sitting president, and the Republican Senate — while they have a majority — vote to confirm a justice to the Supreme Court … everything is on the table,” Levin stated before asking: “Does the Constitution give the Senate — let alone one senator — the power to ‘put everything on the table’?”

“The Constitution determines what’s on the table,” he continued, adding that Democrats’ ultimate goal — amid their threats and intimidation — is to create the conditions to give them permanent control of the United States and its government.

“The Democrats have already threatened — and intend to — eliminate the filibuster rule as it applies to legislation,” said Levin, who noted that such a move would render the minority party obsolete as a force for compromise.

RBG’s Dying Wish

Who cares if RBG’s dying wish was to have a Democrat president appoint her replacement? Is that in the Constitution? Do we even know that it was her dying wish?

In this clip, Schumer dishonestly takes a comment by McConnell out of context and is trying to distort the process:

We can’t take a chance on a 4-4 court with this sketchy election coming up:

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