GOP Senate Predicts McCarthy Will Go to Dems to Pass the CR


The Senate GOP predicts House Speaker Kevin McCarthy will go to the Democrats for votes to prevent a government shutdown next week.

They don’t think Mr. McCarthy can unify the entire GOP conference at this point.

The Speaker won’t be able to stop the funding of the entire far-left agenda and the weaponized government because they don’t have the Senate.

To do it, McCarthy would have to shut down the government for a long time. Democrats always seem to get the upper hand on that issue.

It appears that the Senate will go first and pass the CR resolution. It will have to pass with 60 votes, and then it will go back to the house. The only way McCarthy can pass it in the House is with Democrat votes.

Most Republicans in the Senate have no interest in cutting 8% of discretionary spending. It would require 60 votes in the Senate and there’s no way they can get that.

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