Gordon Chang: China & Russia Are Coordinating to Overturn the US Government


One of the great experts on China, Gordan Chang, spoke with Mark Levin last night on his Fox show, Life, Liberty, and Levin, about the situation with these two enemies of the US.

Both agreed China and Russia are working together. They have both spread the same propaganda that the US is allegedly pushing too hard. It’s the US’s fault that there is a problem in Ukraine.

There is evidence of coordination.  The two nations have spoken frequently. China and Russia have spoken at least 37 times that we know of in the past two years.

Additionally, Chinese propaganda is backing up Russia, blaming the US for the situation in Ukraine. China is putting much more pressure on Taiwan as Russia surrounds Ukraine. It looks like coordination, Chang says.

China has a history of exploiting crises – it’s their playbook. For example, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, they invaded India.

Chang agrees that Beijing thinks we can’t win wars anymore. They said it and recently used Afghanistan as an example.

When Milley called the Chinese to tell them we weren’t going to attack, he made it clear we have spies in Beijing. That is the only way he could know what they were thinking. Milley also exposed our weaknesses.

Levin brought up Democrats, corporations, and others ignoring the terror regime of China as they are bought off by China. Corporations are more loyal to Beijing than the US. China has spent years buying off allies in the US.

The Biden family and their $31 million in payoffs as well as others on both sides of the aisle are not patriots. We used to have great patriots in our country.

Levin asked if we are “crumbling from within?” Chang said these are “very grave” times. We must cut links with China immediately until we are ready to handle the situation. China exploits every connection. China is trying to overturn our government, and we don’t have a Ronald Reagan.


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