Joe Rogan Addresses the Spotify Controversy & There’s a Warning Here


In the Instagram post below, Joe Rogan addresses the controversy accusing him of spreading dangerous misinformation about the vaccine. In the clip, he goes over the two interviews he conducted with highly-accomplished doctors/researchers — Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone. He wanted to hear what they had to say. The interviews were labeled as ‘dangerous.’

Rogan noted different vaccine facts that once got people banned from social media but are now accepted as fact. He doesn’t know if the doctors are right or wrong but he’s not an interviewer who believes in getting only one opinion. Rogan wants to find out what is correct and how people get to their conclusions.

Rogan then spoke of Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and the content warnings. The warnings on controversial broadcasts are the ones that should concern people.


Rogan said he agrees with Spotify that warnings can be put on broadcasts referencing these public health issues.

Unfortunately, enormous pressure has been put on Spotify and Rogan by the hard left who are perfectly willing to destroy them. Spotify even had to temporarily shut down its support service because of the bully brigades.

You have to understand what these leftists do. They have tens of thousands of members in their networks and all they have to do is put out the call and the members will respond. Sometimes it’s the same members over and over calling the companies or speakers trashing them in every way possible. They are a minority but they make it seem as if it’s everyone.

Now, with these content warnings, it establishes corporate press as the final say, the truth sayers. Yet, it is the radicalized corporate press that has flooded the airwaves and printed media with misinformation since day one. And we are willing to bet that you won’t see any of these warnings on the CDC or Fauci blather, no matter how incorrect it is.

What has been good about Rogan’s show is its natural and honest discussions. Now, Rogan is going to have controversial figures followed by opponents. That’s a policy that could damage his show.



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