Gordon for Congress runs as ex-military only she was booted, posed a “significant threat”


This is rich. We have a candidate running for a congressional seat in New York — Peter King’s seat — who uses her military service as a lure for votes. The only problem is she was booted from her command and described as ‘toxic,’ ‘reckless,’ and a ‘significant threat.’

Only in the Democrat Party.

Despite campaigning on her military record, it turns out Gordon was discharged from the military for failing to lead, and her reckless actions posed a “significant threat to [her] Battalion’s ability to perform an incredibly stressful and sensitive wartime mission.”
She doesn’t sound like the best person to lead a district.

Jackie Gordon’s military records show she was subject to two investigations during her time in the U.S. Army. The recommendations in both cases were to relieve her of her command. One was acted upon in Afghanistan, according to DOD sources, The Daily Caller reported.

The news outlet obtained a copy of an unredacted DOD document of her behavior as a Lt.Colonel in December 2011, and another when she was investigated in Afghanistan, and subsequently relieved of duty.

One report describes how Gordon left her battalion without permission to campaign for a local office in 2012. It states that she posed a “significant threat to the battalion’s ability to perform an incredibly stressful and sensitive wartime mission.”

Two sources with direct knowledge of the investigation confirmed the authenticity of the documents to The Daily Caller.


The first investigation started after Gordon complained about four white men dubbed the “four horsemen” when she was serving as a battalion commander. She alleged the four white men under her command were causing trouble. However, the investigation found no evidence of any wrongdoing by the four and that others on the base had never heard of the “four horsemen.”

In other words, she’s a racial hoaxer.

The first investigation uncovered several allegations against Gordon, offenses ranging from minor to serious, including members giving false sworn statements to investigators and the attempted cover-up of the suspected loss of a service weapon. The investigating officer recommended that Gordon be relieved of her command. She was not relieved at that time due to a technicality wherein she was under an interim command gearing up to deploy, the sources said.

While in Afghanistan, her relationship with her command team became “increasingly dysfunctional,” polarizing her Battalion.

LTC Gordon’s “estranged herself from her entire command element,” the investigation document shows.

She’s TOXIC!​

“The existing climate involving the Battalion Commander and her staff cannot be described as anything less than toxic and nonconducive to the efficient execution of the Battalion’s wartime mission,” the document reads. “Based on the above facts, I recommend that LTC Gordon be removed from the battle roster and relieved from command. I base this recommendation on the leadership deficiencies identified above, as well as the inability for LTC Gordon and…to function effectively as a command team,” the investigation concluded.

Gordon, who calls herself “a combat veteran,” heavily promotes her military record on her campaign website. Somehow, she’s not a bit embarrassed, not at all.

Her ads are even more embarrassing, or they should be:

She’s also a radical:

You would never know how inept she is from her website  narrative:

“Over her 29-year career in the Armed Forces,” her site reads, “Jackie served our country overseas as a platoon leader in Germany during Operation Desert Storm, as an operations officer at Guantanamo Bay during the Global War on Terror, as a battle captain in Baghdad during the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, and as Commander of the 310th Military Police Battalion in Afghanistan in 2012. She retired from the Army Reserve with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 2014.”

She is also busy demeaning her competition, Andrew Garbarino, and lying about him. Of course, she is.

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