Dr Carson explains what Dems will do to your suburb


Joe Biden plans to ramp up the Obama-era social engineering scheme, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Act, using a scheme by Cory Booker. Not only will he destroy all local zoning laws in the United States, nationalizing housing, but he will also put low-income housing and multiple-family dwellings into all suburbs.

If locals don’t go along, the Feds will hold back highway dollars.

This isn’t about desegregation, since suburbs are desegregated. It’s about control by the big national government and social engineering.

Biden’s plan is to force suburban towns with single-family homes and minimum lot sizes to build high-density affordable housing smack in the middle of their flowery, sprawling neighborhoods. The ultimate goal is to eliminate all zoning [and the single-family home].

It was Obama’s worst idea. It’s a plan to redistribute housing. The left doesn’t like the suburbs because they tend to go Republican.

It’s housing totalitarianism.




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3 years ago

There is no point at all in arguing against the communist’s plans one at a time, they need to be destroyed, root and branch, and our Nation rebuilt without the toxic pap they have infected it with over the last fifty years.


Big Neon Glitter
Big Neon Glitter
3 years ago

Locals are fighting against a 30 acre retail/residential monstrosity due to the congestion and almost dangerous driving conditions with no road upgrades since the 1970s.
The comrades wants chaos and disorder since they can’t create anything destruction is all that they now.
This area has been desegregated since the 80s and at the local elementary we had bussing back in the day.
Some classmates were bussed in from all the way across town by the baseball stadium and I once asked an African-American buddy on the football team do you have to get up at 5AM or what and he said yea.

3 years ago

In effect what Biden and DemCom Cartel plan to do is eliminate States Rights under Amendment X in the Constitution. Who are they trying to bamboozle? They want to remove all rights and personal choice, and turn America into a slave state of total control by their Communist Regime. If that should happen : Welcome to the 3rd world Planation of America. Or, maybe they also plan on changing the name AMERICA, under the guise of social justice in their attempt to remove history and all vestige of the Constitution.