Tim Scott says impeachment is no longer about the President


Tim Scott expressed what others in the Republican Party now believe, the impeachment is no longer about the President. It is now about taking over the Senate.

“I believe the Democrat strategy is not to bring more illumination to the case, but to put a bull’s eye on the back of [Sens.] Cory Gardner, [R-Colo.], Joni Ernst, [R-Iowa], Martha McSally, [R-Ariz.], and Thom Tillis, [R-N.C.]. That is the strategy they are using to try to win back the Senate,” Scott said.

The GOP senators he mentioned are facing tough reelection campaigns.

“This is actually not about removing the president, this is about removing enough senators in the Republican Party in order to take control of the Senate and to rebuke the president for the next four years because they’re pretty concerned,” he added.

“And I think they now believe that the American people are now solidly behind President Donald Trump, and their greatest fears are coming true,” he continued, speaking of Democrats.

Scott pointed to the economic impact Trump is having in minority communities.

Because the fact is that this president has focused on bringing opportunities to the poorest communities in the nation,” the senator explained. “This president has helped bring the minority unemployment rate to record lows for Asians, for African-Americans, for Hispanics. Our nation’s unemployment rate is at 3.5%. Our stock market is going through the ceiling.”

“They are trembling in their boots,” Scott continued. “So the only thing they have focused on their minds today is not President Trump, it is removing senators from office so that they can have control of the United States Senate.”

If they win the Senate, they can destroy the President.


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