Gov de Santis: We have to reject open borders…amnesty…Americans first


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis headlined the Allegheny County Republican Committee’s Lincoln Day Dinner.

The governor launched his speech with a call to “open your states, open your schools [and] take off these mask mandates.”

In Pennsylvania, Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf has arbitrarily set the mask mandate to be lifted when 70 percent of adults are vaccinated, with other mitigation measures to be lifted on Memorial Day.

DeSantis then promoted new voting measures, anti-riot legislation, and efforts to bar critical race theory from the Florida curriculum.

“As we look forward to the fights ahead, we cannot, indeed we will not go back to the days of the failed Republican establishment of yesteryear,” he said. “We are not going to do that.”

“We have to reject open borders because we have to stand for the rule of law and American sovereignty. We cannot be for amnesty in any form. We gotta stand with the American people and we have to put Americans first.”

He also called out CBS News and NBC News for their antagonistic fake news coverage.

“So what I would say to Republicans: Don’t seek approval from these people,” he said. “They don’t like you. They will smear you. They will attack you. The way to win is to fight back and not take it anymore Don’t let these people set the agenda for our party anymore.”

Governor de Santis spoke strongly for the rule of law, something lax-on-crime Democrats will not do.


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Aspie Tard
Aspie Tard
2 years ago

O/T-the Jesuit faux Catholic Biden story links to a February article about the NBA (CCP) sporty spice association.

2 years ago

Locals still expect the Mommygov military and poleece to be there and save them but you can’t help the delusional.
The enrichment is festive today with no power on a local block.
No fiat currency collection but the Weimar printing press is high powered.
Conserve? Better get ready for Civil War 2.0 because there is nothing left to conserve or save.