Gov. DeSantis Writes to Biden Calling for Him to Let Djokovic Play


Governor Ron DeSantis sent a letter to Joe Biden today explaining why it’s absurd that his administration is denying entry to Novak Djokovic in the name of COVID. He began, “It’s time to put pandemic politics aside and give the American people what they want – let him play.”

“While Mr.Djokovic is surely a supreme competitive threat to his fellow tennis professionals, his presence in our country poses no meaningful health or public safety risk.” He said that Mr. “Djokovic visited the United States at least twice…since the onset of COVID-19.”

He also wanted to know why – even by Biden’s own proclamation – Mr. Djokovic couldn’t “enter this country via boat.”

Gov. DeSantis noted the irony of Biden denying Djokovic entry while he’s allowing thousands of unvaccinated migrants into the US through the open southern border.

“In sum, the current ‘travel ban’ as applied to Mr. Djokovic – and presumably millions of other potential unvaccinated foreign visitors – seems completely ungrounded in logic, common sense, or any genuine concern for the health and welfare of the American people.”

DeSantis characterized refusing Novak Djokovic  entry as “unfair, unscientific and unacceptable.”

“Mr. Djokovic is an extraordinary tennis player who should have every right to compete in this year’s Miami Open, which will commence on March 20. I respectfully ask you to grant his requested exemption so that he may delight and inspire tennis fans in Florida and around the Nation.”

President Biden’s “misguided, unscientific and outdated COVID-19 vaccination requirement” for foreign travelers is the only thing that keeps Novak Djokovic from participating in the Miami Open tennis tournament.

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