Gov Gavin Newsom Is In the Wings as Biden Falters


Of all the crazy things Joe Biden, the 81 million vote man, said while Xi was in town, this one is the most interesting. “He said Gov. Newsom can have the job I’m looking for. That’s what I’ve been saying – Gavin Newsom is the person who will take over when Biden bows out. That’s speculation, but I cannot believe Democrats are going to expect Joe to run again.

Newsom probably agrees. He is collecting some meager foreign affairs credentials in his shadow primary by meeting with Xi and Biden.

Newsom is going to debate Ron DeSantis, a presidential candidate, and he’s campaigning in other states.

In his partially aware state, Biden skirted the truth.

There is no way Biden can campaign again. After the new year, Democrats will switch him out for Gavin Newsom and possibly Michelle Obama.

He can’t keep a thought in his head for very long, and he’s running again?

In this clip, he couldn’t follow the cue cards.

Joe Biden called CCP President a “dictator” making Antony Blinken squirm. It’s something honest out of Joe.

I’d like to speak with these children who woke up dead.

Biden did feel Xi was home since the only flags he saw were the CCP flags as he rode into town.

More crazy:

Good communication and DIRECT:

He wants a two-state solution so Palestinian terrorists have more opportunities to kill Israelis.

Kamala is an idiot:

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