Gov. Kemp Signs Immigration Bill After Laken Riley’s Murder


The law, which gained momentum after the death of nursing student Laken Riley, requires jailers to work with federal authorities to identify people in custody who are undocumented.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp said the new immigration law he signed Wednesday in response to the slaying of Laken Riley would improve public safety.

Critics say it erodes trust in the Latino community. Why? Do the critics honestly think Latino people want murderers protected?

Georgia HB1105 requires, among other things, sheriff’s offices to coordinate with federal officials on people in their custody who may be in the country unlawfully or face losing funding if they don’t.

This became a top priority for the administration after the slaughter of Laken Riley by a criminal illegal alien.

“If you enter our country illegally and proceed to commit further crime in our communities, we will not allow your crimes to go unanswered,” Kemp said.

The critics are open-border activists.

Jerry Gonzalez, CEO of GALEO, an Atlanta-based Latino advocacy group, said law enforcement relies on community policing techniques to have “eyes and ears” within the community.

“If there is an erosion of trust between the community and law enforcement, [the community] is no longer going to be calling when they are victims of crime or see a crime,” he said.

Criminal illegal aliens exploit that reasoning.

“The law lays out specific requirements for how jail officials should check with ICE to determine whether prisoners are known to be in the country illegally…the law makes it a misdemeanor for jailers to “knowingly and willfully” fail to check immigration status.

“The law also mandates that local jails apply to participate in the 287(g) agreement with ICE to let local jailers help enforce immigration law. The program allows local authorities to help in identifying people they arrest who are subject to deportation,” the AP reported.

The AP said, “President Joe Biden’s administration has de-emphasized the program.”

In other words, Biden’s administration broke the law.

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