Gov Newsom hires ‘genius’ feminist to fix PG&E, suggests taking it over


“PG&E as we know it cannot persist and continue,” declared California governor Gavin Newsom. “It has to be completely transformed, culturally transformed, operationally transformed, with a safety culture first and foremost,” FresnoBee reports.

Culturally transformed? Newsom’s a socialist.

Thanks to heavy regulations, the California power company with a state-granted monopoly, PG&E,  and other monopoly power companies in other regions, are forced to shut off power to millions when there is a threat that high winds may knockdown wires and cause fires.

The state is taking action, not by opening up the areas to more competition, but by naming a feminist studies aide as the new energy czar

The energy company is in bankruptcy.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom designated a top aide as his “energy czar” in the wake of Pacific Gas & Electric Company’s prolonged power outages and on Friday suggested the state could take charge of the bankrupt utility.

“The entire system needs to be re-imagined,” Newsom said at a press conference.

They could use the proper lines but the regulations and the monopoly won’t allow it.

Ana Matosantos will continue to serve as Newsom’s cabinet secretary while also working as the state’s energy czar, where she will be charged with helping fix the state’s utility problems.

She doesn’t appear to be a free-market supporter.


Lloyd Billingsley at the Independent Institute provides some background on the lady who will be in charge of the deteriorating energy sector.

Gov. Newsom is on record that his cabinet secretary is a “genius” and Capitol Weekly explains that Matosantos “makes the trains run on time.”

A Puerto Rico native from a wealthy family, Matosantos earned a BA in political science and feminist studies from Stanford. With these poor qualifications for state finance director, Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger picked Matosantos for that post in 2009. Did her wealthy family help?

In 2011, she was busted for drunk driving in Sacramento, but Gov. Jerry Brown refused to accept her resignation.

Matosantos served nearly four years as Brown’s chief budget advisor, and her tenure was marked by “multibillion-dollar shortfalls.”

Covered California, the state’s wholly-owned subsidiary of Obamacare, then took on Matosantos at $120,000 for a six-month stint. Her performance did nothing to prevent Covered California from becoming what health journalist Emily Bazar described as “widespread consumer misery.”

In 2016, Congress passed the PROMESA legislation to deal with Puerto Rico’s $72 billion debt, and the legislation created the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Board. San Francisco Democrat Nancy Pelosi got Obama to appoint her at the same time she served on the board of the Matosantos Commercial Corporation, owned by her wealthy family, with deep interests in the energy business on the island.

According to Christopher D. Coursen, former counsel of the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee, the Oversight Board “has been a complete failure and has not achieved anything of significance.”

He strongly recommended the removal of Anan Matosantos over evidence of her blatant conflicts of interest.


Hard-left Newsom suggests controlling the future of the utility.

“PG&E may or may not be able to figure this one out,” Newsom said. “If they cannot, we are not going to sit around and be passive. We are gaming out a backup plan. If PG&E is unable to secure its own future… then the state will prepare itself as backup for a scenario where we do that job for them.”

You have to love how he blames the utility while taking no responsibility for policies that actually to cause the problem.

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