Gov Northam might be walking back a 2-year Phase One lockdown – sort of


State Health Commissioner Norman Oliver told the Times-Dispatch on Friday that he thought Phase One would be in effect until a treatment or vaccine became available, which he predicted could be “a two-year affair.”

The rules for businesses to reopen will be “overarching.”


By Saturday morning, the Health Department clarified saying he didn’t mean Phase One would take two years.

They plan to test and conduct contact tracing until there is a vaccine. They will quarantine everyone affected and anyone in contact with them. Most of us would say this is a Chinese Communist-style overreach.

We could end up never having a vaccine. This virus is similar to HIV/AIDs and SARS. There are no vaccines for either yet.

“In the meantime, we can safely ease restrictions in a phased approach,” said a VDH spokesperson on Saturday. “Although we have no expectation that Phase One of this approach will last two years, some level of social distancing will have to continue until we have a treatment or a vaccine for the disease.”

Phase One for two years???

This will destroy their economy. Are they trying to destroy capitalism and replace it with something else?

State officials said Friday that Phase One will begin once Virginia sees a decline in both the percentages of positive cases per day and hospitalizations for a consecutive 14 days and the state increases protective equipment supply and health care capacity.

In Phase One, some businesses would remain closed, added state officials, while others would reopen under restrictions to guarantee safety. States, such as Georgia and Alaska, opening businesses in the next few days have received backlash from experts saying it could leave to a sharp increase in COVID-19 cases.


Blackface Ralph ‘Coonman’ Northam says it will not last two years.

“Phase One will not last for two years,” said the governor’s office on Saturday. “We need to keep working together to beat this disease — not spread fear and misinformation.”

However, what will constant testing, contact tracing, and quarantining endlessly do and how long will that take? He’s going to quarantine everyone who comes in any contact with an affected person? Think about that.

“We will get back to work by greatly increasing our testing, then tracing the contacts of people who test positive and isolating these individuals, not everyone in Virginia,” Northam said. “That is the key to moving forward.”

The biggest problem is after keeping people isolated for months will end up in increasing the numbers affected due to the lack of herd immunity. How will that be interpreted?

The state is also exploring the use of mobile apps that will help assess an individual’s risk of carrying COVID-19.

Is this China now?



  1. All commissars of the Virginia state health bureau will roll around in Humvees with .50cal machine gun mounts and generalissimo outfits on as part of the Great Leap Forward.
    Comrades will present papers upon request and if your sailfawn (cellphone) doesn’t have a green light showing, you will be detained for the good of the collective.
    Unfortunately the glorious people’s republic of Virginia is only a few states away from Red State.

  2. Guv, you of all people should recognize that the virus “horse” escaped the barn long before we first thought. It cannot be reasonably “tracked” now that 20% of the population has already seen this thing go through them.

    Protect the old and frail; everybody else GET BACK TO WORK.

  3. In a state of 8.5 million people where less than 500 people have died of Corona since February, the lockdown is for one reason only…to destroy the economy. This virus seems to be very contagious but far from deadly to the general population. Herd immunity is the safest thing for our Commonwealth. Not allowing the kids to go to school is probably the biggest mistake. Staying at home and not being exposed actually weakens immunity. Some doctor Northam is! Bad doctor and bad governor. But what does he care? He goes to his beach house in NC every week. Do as I say, not as I do is Northam’s motto.

  4. I’m still working, like a lot of other people. Stop in a Lowes or Home Depot – the stores are full of people, in Roanoke, Lynchburg, Martinsville & Danville.

    Bottom line, who gives a flying —- what Coonman says? His reputation as a Control Freak is clearly evident in the Gun control bills the Dems jammed through, this is no different. I don’t have much extra cash laying around, but, for the first time, I’m sending it to GOP candidates – these politicians don’t represent the interests of Virginians, just George Soros & the Globalists.

  5. This misfit is held hostage by the far left, which could have easily destroyed him over politically incorrect activities, but saved him to be their puppet. He will say or do any irrational thing. That’s a shell of a man.

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