Gov Polis essentially did away with our police departments as AG Barr generally explained


The misguided Colorado Governor just ended qualified immunity for police officers. They can now be sued and would pay up to $25,000 of the settlement for each case. With the cost of lawyers, the rate at which blue cities offer settlements for nothing, and the chronic litigiousness of our society, an innocent officer would soon be bankrupt.

Jared Polis signed SB-217 into law Friday, ending liability protections for police who don’t violate the law — innocent officers.

If police officers don’t break the law in the course of their duties, Qualified Immunity protects them from being sued personally. People can always sue their departments.

Removal of the qualified immunity protections allows officers to be personally sued even when they didn’t break the law. Who would be a police officer under these circumstances?

The legislation was proposed after violent protests and riots by bad actors who police risked their lives controlling or trying to control.

“So we would essentially be doing away with our police departments.”

During an interview on Sunday Morning Futures, Ms. Bartiromo asked the Attorney General his opinion about the stripping away of “qualified immunity.”

Barr said officers should have qualified immunity, and that if they did not, it could severely impact departments’ ability to recruit officers.

“Without qualified immunity, I think most people would not take the job as a police officer,” he said. “So we would essentially be doing away with our police departments.”

It’s a clever way to defund and dismantle the police.

There were 10 shootings of unarmed black men last year, 6 of those were attacking the police at the time.

THIS IS THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW (go to 4:27 for the entire discussion and 7:03 about immunity):

This is what he told Margaret Brennan on CBS:

MARGARET BRENNAN: Do you think there should be some tweaking of the rules, reduced immunity to go after some of the bad cops?

BARR: I don’t think you need to reduce immunity to- to go after the bad cops, because that would result certainly in police pulling back. It’s, you know, policing is the toughest job in the country. And I- and I frankly think that we have generally the vast, overwhelming majority of police are good people. They’re civic-minded people who believe in serving the public. They do so bravely. They do so righteously.


Attorney General Bill Barr discussed fairness in a wide-ranging interview with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures.

Barr agreed that black and white Americans are not always treated the same by the judicial system in some parts of the country. Specifically, he addressed whether diversion programs that keep people from getting criminal records are equally available for blacks and whites.

“In some jurisdictions, yes. In some probably not as much as we should,” Barr said. “As I said, this is a process of reforming our institutions, looking for inequities, and making sure that we address them.”

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