Gov. Wolf’s DOE Made Kids Miserable to Force Them to Get Vaccinated


“[W]e have seen leveraging athletics and extracurriculars as a way to boost your vaccination as an effective tactic across the county.”

An August 2021 email by the U.S. Department of Education’s Anne Hartge of the Office of Communications and Outreach followed up on a conversation between Eric Hagarty, who is now Pennsylvania’s current Secretary of Education.  Gov. Wolf’s administrators were copied on the exchange. The email shows the abhorrent attitude towards children as they leveled their vaccine mandates. They did what they could to make the children miserable so they would get vaccinated.

A young athlete facing missed games over forced vaccinations?

Hartge wanted to follow the Biden administration’s lead of leveraging school sports and activities to force vaccination. They planned to threaten the youth with missed games.

“Sports and extracurriculars as an important factor for why young people should get vaccinated- they don’t want to jeopardize forfeiting games or missing performances and competitions,” Hartge emphasized from the email.

Additionally, these ‘educators’ leveraged peer pressure. They’re scoundrels and don’t seem to know it.

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