Democrat Mayor Sent Double the Number of Illegal Migrants to NYC


A Democratic mayor in Texas has bused more than twice as many migrants to the Big Apple as the state’s Republican governor. Mayor Adam has not voiced any complaints. He only complains when Gov. Abbott sends them to New York City.

Mayor Lesser

El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser’s program has deported 7,330 migrants to New York City since August 23, a spokesperson said Thursday.

By comparison, Gov. Greg Abbott bussed about 3,000 as of Thursday.

Another 500 are expected, but it’s unknown who sent them.

The migrants from El Paso account for more than 42% of the estimated 17,400 that have flooded into the city since officials became aware of the influx in May. We don’t know how many Joe Biden sent, but, judging from the numbers, he’s keeping pace with Mayor Leeser.

Biden has been flying them to an airport in Westchester in the dead of night. He is now flying them upstate.

The Democrat mayor of El Paso defended his city’s policy of busing illegal immigrants 2,200 miles northeast to New York City, saying the beleaguered West Texas city is just trying to help them get to their ultimate destination.

He gets about 2,000 a day pouring into his small city. Mayor Lesser has nothing to defend. Mayor Abbott and Gov. Hochul said New York is a sanctuary and they support Joe Biden’s open borders, so they asked for it.

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