Unwieldy, Unresponsive Government Bureaucracies Badly Bungling Mass Murder Threats


Here are thumbnail profiles of 7 entirely preventable, mass casualty tragedies, and the 8 perps that inexplicably flew under the radar of our overly complex, multi-layered government bureaucracies.

Dzhokhar & Tamerlan Tsarnaev– In 2011, Russian authorities handed the FBI a file on Tamerlan Tsarnaev, detailing his links to radical Islam. During congressional testimony, then-director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, admitted that his agency had received two tips in 2012 regarding Tsarnaev’s links to extremists connected to a Boston mosque. One year later the brothers bombed the Boston Marathon. Three people died and hundreds were injured, including 16 who lost limbs.

Ahmad Khan Rahimi– Mohammed Rahami, the father of the Chelsea bomber, Ahmad Rahimi, claimed he’d warned the FBI long before 2016 attacks, that his son could be a terrorist., but agents cleared him. Thirty-one people were wounded.

Dylann Roof– The FBI could have had the information needed to stop Dylann Roof from buying a gun, and the time to find it. But the agency claimed government rules prohibit their use of the National Data Exchange, which is accessible to thousands of local police officers trying to solve crimes, but not to the federal unit trying to prevent them. “Shortly after the shooting, then-FBI Director James Comey acknowledged shortcomings in the process, striking an apologetic tone.”   Roof killed nine churchgoers in Charleston.

Devin P. Kelly– A day after Kelly shot and killed parishioners in a small Texas church, the Air Force admitted it had failed to enter the man’s domestic violence court-martial into a federal database. He’d assaulted his wife and cracked their toddler stepson’s skull. That offense, properly recorded, would have blocked Kelly from buying the rifle he used to kill 26 people.

Army Maj. Nidal Hassan– Hassan was known to the FBI well before opening fire in Texas. An FBI counterterrorism official, Mark Giuliano, testified the FBI should have interviewed the Fort Hood shooter when it learned Hasan was communicating, via 18 e-mails, with radical, Islamic terrorist/cleric Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen. Members of Congress questioned if both military officials and the FBI acted aggressively enough.   Hassan murdered 13 people and injured 30 others.

Omar Mateen– A couple of years before shooting up the Pulse Nightclub, Mateen told FBI investigators he’d been teased for being Muslim. He said that abuse caused him to claim ties to mass killers and terrorist groups. St. Lucie’s Sheriff’s Department said after a thorough investigation, the FBI concluded Mateen’s boasts were empty. “We do not believe he is a terrorist,” an investigator said. “I don’t believe he will go postal or anything like that.” Mateen killed 49 people.

Nickolas Cruz– This 19-year-old had a frightening public record of disturbing anti-social behaviors. “Broward County Sheriff’s deputies had been called to his family home 39 times since 2010, amid reports of a “mentally ill” person and “domestic violence….”. His school recommended conducting a “threat assessment”. Ultimately Cruz was expelled. The Federal Bureau of Investigation was alerted to his demented social media posts, including one bragging about becoming a “professional school shooter”. Just a few weeks before the massacre they received a detailed phone call warning of how extremely dangerous Cruz had become. The crucial info was never passed along to their Miami office. Fourteen students and three teachers were executed.

Before everyone rushes to add new laws, resulting in more dense, unresponsive tiers of government, maybe we should consider how badly our unwieldy bureaucracies bungled the seven “man-caused disasters” cited above. Hundreds wounded or maimed. One hundred seventeen murdered.





  1. And the FBI is investigating the nonexistent Russian collusion in the election? The FBI doesn’t protect Americans, they only protect themselves and do the dirty work for the Democrats!

  2. I think we should be careful not to paint with the “Big Brush”…
    Many believe that the FBI has been decimated by the people who were anti establishment back when they were college kids.They ended up running for political office and made the govt agencies into something that was less than desirable for the folks.
    There are still good people in the FBI but we have to hope that the bad apples go out with the “SWAMP”!!!

  3. And who knows how many others they bungled. As for a reported mental illness, the FBI and other authorities do not question and investigate these suspects/perpetrators correctly, if at all in some cases. There is a way to innocuously question them and allow their answers to self incriminate themselves enough to put them (some) on a ‘no purchase’ (firearms) list. That’s a start ! And the direction would be to seek help (court demanded) and observation. Not that they couldn’t attain weaponry in an illegal manner. Why were the Florida Sheriffs waiting to act ? Cops, detectives, and the FBI are notorious for tripping up innocent citizens to somehow ‘tort’ (incriminate) themselves then why not here with the reported mentally unstable ?
    “An evil act does not nullify the 2nd Amendment”.

  4. And don”t forget the Mass murder of the Branch Dividians in Waco TX in 1993, The multi – bombs inside the Alfred Murah Building 1995 Carol Howe told FBI Tim McVieh was comming in 94. unfounded/ inside job; Flight 800 Blown out of the sky 1995 FBI- Center fuel tank explosion, 9-11 Multiple explosions inside both Towers, 5 dancing Israeli’s,Building 7 freefall at 5:00 FBI unfounded,and all the rest of these false flag attacks get processed in the FBI, and the communist attack on our rights continues…..Bungled? or deliberate conspiracy.

  5. This is such a slippery slope, it’s hard to know where to begin, but in my opinion, this most recent shooting falls squarely in the lap of the FBI. My heart and soul goes out to these people who lost their children, and I cannot imagine their pain and despondency at this time, but the lack of FBI oversight or intervention in each of these cases is stunning, to say the least. But where, when, why, how, or what does changing our gun laws have to do with any of this. This is not a gun issue, but a societal degradation issue. All of these events, minus the most recent, occurred under the lax Obama administration. His FBI has been infested with leftist, corrupt Obama minions such as Comey, who we now know to be a liar and a colluder. Mueller is equally as bad. But aside from all this, I am truly concerned about the left’s attempts to thwart our 2nd Amendment rights once again. In this linked article, you can read where, during the Obama years, he added the “mentally ill” to the “no-gun list” – so that they were unable to get weapons. Sounds good on the surface, but who decides who’s mentally ill and who isn’t? Once you allow the government to do that, think of the repercussions that would have. It could be treacherous! The less the government is involved the better. Everyone is shouting that the “government needs to do something!” Yet, what they really need to do is nothing. Surely, they were given the opportunity to “do something” (FBI warnings) and, clearly, did nothing. This is a state by state issue, and I propose an extremely simple solution to the problem. In almost every school budget I am sure they can come up with the monies for a closed circuit security camera system at the entrances to their schools. After early entry into school, doors locked – period! Security cameras and a buzzer system activated. That’s it. You let no one in unless previous appointment made or a scan card system that only the students have. There are so many simple solutions that could have prevented this. See this article about “mentally ill” people having their gun rights taken away and it should be very eye-opening.

  6. I am convinced that these matters would better be handled at the State level. Every State has their own statewide investigative agency, somewhat like the FBI. The FBI has become overburdened and should devote their effects to those matters affecting National security. By placing school; shootings in the hands of State authority, I think a greater amount of accountably would be established.

  7. I just watched several high school kids speaking out about their new anti-school shooting movement in Tallahassee on national TV (Fox News.) They are supposed to be at the White House to rally again and some will speak with the President in March… They were nervous but made overall pretty good presentations. They had a single overriding theme; they are emotionally upset with seeing their classmates and teachers being gunned down in cold blood. They feel that the adult world has let them down again, never seeming to be able to change conditions so that these shootings come to an end. They blamed the NRA and politicians who take donations from them. All seemed to say that something needs to be done about it, but none had a solution. This is not an easy problem to solve, being highly politically charged.
    We have been given the right to bear arms and that right “shall not be infringed.” I believe that right was intended to protect us against threats against citizens, whether it comes from the government, foreigners, or even other citizens meaning to do us or our family or innocent people harm. It also allows us to hunt for food, but that is a by-product, not the primary reason. We have tried banishing the sale of so-called “assault rifles” for a 10 year period, and, upon extensive research, found that didn’t make a difference in shooting incidents.
    Then, I watched an absolutely riveting meeting at the White House which included Pres. Trump, VP Pence, SECED Betsy Voss and numerous victims, parents, siblings of victims, educators & more in an informal setting discuss this issue. There were several good solutions discussed… see if you can catch it on an on demand telecast… it is worth it to watch. It is clear that there is no single solution, it will require numerous actions to reverse this trend… starting with a more attentive course of action taken by the FBI and other law enforcement.

  8. I wonder what the background of the investigators were? How long were they on the job, who hired them, any blatant ideology? More layers of government are not the answer, if they were this never would have happened given all the information they had on these killers!

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