Government Wasted $25bn on Gambling Pigeons, Grinding Up Ferrets, Border Security in Foreign Countries, Fat Eels


Rand Paul found $52,598,515,585 in government waste and there was likely more. Our government is a bloated mess and Democrats want to add trillions more to make us into socialists/communists.

Rand Paul wrote in his Festivus Report,  that he was “including a study of pigeons gambling on slot machines, giving kids junk food and telling citizens of Vietnam not to burn their trash.”

“No matter how much money’s already been wasted, politicians keep demanding even more.”

There were also studies fattening eels for human consumption, and others in which ferrets were bred and tortured, ground up.

One must wonder if the Beagle and Monkey Mengele, Dr. Fauci was involved.

“The Small Business Administration (SBA) sent as much as $4.29 billion to people who weren’t eligible to receive loans or who received duplicate loans,” the senator wrote.

“More than $3.6 billion of the PPP [Paycheck Protection Program] loans SBA sent out went to those on the Treasury’s Do Not Pay (DNP) List,” he noted.

Congress wasted $250 million to “enhance border security” for countries in the Middle East and North Africa — all while leaving our southern border open to daily sieges by millions of unvetted illegal migrants.

“In fact, $250 million of your taxpayer dollars are going to building borders in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, and Oman,” Paul explained.

That is what Soros and Obama want — no open borders in the US.

“Millions of dollars are spent each year to breed animals with the intent to use them for testing,” Paul wrote. “Since 2010, the American taxpayer has given Triple F Farms $4.5 million for the breeding and transporting of ferrets to COVID-19 and influenza vaccine testing laboratories.”

He continued: “In 2011, an undercover investigation revealed findings from an undercover investigation, including video recordings of ferrets dying in feces, run over by carts, thrown alive into incinerators, hanging from a wire.”

“So, are they still receiving money? Of course, they are,” Paul wrote. “And to make matters even worse, recent inspection reports by USDA have demonstrated that abuse continues, citing excessive piles of feces, scabs on the skin, empty feed bags and soiled enclosures.”

In another example of government waste, the National Institutes of Health gave $465,339 to Reed College in Oregon to teach pigeons how to gamble by using slot machines.

“The United States is over $28 trillion dollars in debt,” Paul stated. “Is studying pigeon gambling habits worth adding to the mountain of debt for which future generations will become responsible?”

They even funded a study to find out if getting bad news decreases happiness levels.

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