Governor Whitmer’s perfect crime


Prominent defense attorney Sidney Powell asked a federal court to block the certification of Michigan’s election results or void the entire election. She is alleging widespread efforts by poll workers in Detroit and elsewhere to falsify, double-count, or discard ballots.

Suing Whitmer

She’s suing tyrant Governor Whitmer and her secretary of state, as well as the canvassers.

The suit named Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, and the state board of canvassers as defendants. Powell alleges that they created an election system on Nov. 3 that enabled widespread fraud and violated the Constitution’s equal protection clause.

“Defendants’ egregious misconduct has included ignoring legislative mandates concerning mail-in ballots– including the mandate that mail-in ballots be postmarked on or before Election Day — and critically, preventing Plaintiff’s poll watchers from observing the receipt, review, opening, and tabulation of mail-in ballots,” the suit said.

In the suit, Sidney claims Detroit and Wayne County officials took actions “permitting illegal double voting by persons that had voted by absentee ballot and in-person; counting ineligible ballots – and in many cases – multiple times; counting ballots without signatures, or without attempting to match signatures, and ballots without postmarks, under direct instructions from Defendants.”

This is a civil suit — not criminal –it will take a long time to conclude—Bill Barr and Christopher Wray and nowhere to be found.

Powell also alleges Michigan election officials were fraudulently adding tens of thousands of new voters, forging voter information, and changing dates on absentee ballots.

She has affidavits from witnesses but, unlike cases brought by Democrats where no crime or named witness can impeach a president, Powell’s affidavits mean nothing to the media.

It’s a perfect crime, really. Overwhelm the system so it can’t be adjudicated in the few weeks before the electors meet. It will be decided long after people have given up caring. This mess of an election will continue to be a problem on January 5th when the two senators are chosen in Georgia.

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