Graham’s Still Voting for Almost All of Biden’s Judges


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C) is one of the GOP’s most prolific supporters of President Biden’s far-left, ACLU-type judicial nominees.

The Changeling

Graham’s support for Biden’s court picks comes even as he remains deeply involved with former President Trump.

“He believes presidents who win the election get to appoint judges, subject obviously to extreme cases, and I think he’s following through on it,” said Russell Wheeler, a fellow with the Brookings Institution who studies judicial confirmations, The Hill reports.

“He believes presidents who win the election get to appoint judges, subject obviously to extreme cases, and I think he’s following through on it,” said Russell Wheeler, a fellow with the Brookings Institution who studies judicial confirmations.

Graham has touted his willingness to support a president’s judicial nominees even if he doesn’t agree with their philosophy, noting he was one of nine GOP senators who voted for Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s Supreme Court nomination in 2009 and one of five who supported Elena Kagan a year later.

Sotomayor is LaRaza.

It’s Tradition

“Senator Graham has long believed that under the Constitution the president has the right to select judges of their choosing and as long as they are qualified, they should generally be confirmed by the Senate,” Graham’s office said in a statement.

“This is the traditional and customary role of the Senate in the judicial confirmation process,” it added.

He must be hoping those days will return.

He Didn’t Like These Three

Graham’s support for Biden’s nominees on the Senate floor hasn’t been across the board. Earlier this month, he and every other GOP senator voted against moving Jennifer Sung’s nomination to the 9th Circuit to the floor, forcing Vice President Harris to break a tie to make the nomination available for a vote.

He also opposed the nominations of Myrna Perez and Beth Robinson, who were both selected to serve as U.S. circuit judges on the 2nd Circuit, during votes on the Senate floor.

But Graham’s support for Biden’s other judicial nominees makes him increasingly an outlier within the Senate GOP caucus, where only Sens. Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), two well-known moderates, vote for Biden’s judicial nominees on the Senate floor with roughly the same frequency, according to The Hill.

That’s how it used to be but Democrats don’t return the favor.

It’s Always Been His Pattern

Asked about Graham’s willingness to support judicial nominees, Thomas Jipping, a senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation, noted “that’s been his pattern probably as long as he’s been in the Senate.”

Jipping said that during the Obama administration, Graham voted against 5 percent of then-President Obama’s judicial nominees on average, compared to the GOP average of 12 percent, reports The Hill.

Only 13 GOP senators haven’t voted to confirm any of Biden’s judicial nominees.

President Clinton got 30 or more no votes on none of his circuit picks and only 1 percent of district court judges.

Crazy Left

Biden, so far, has gotten 30 or more no votes on 89 percent of his appeals and district judges, in what judicial watchers describe as a continuation of ramped up Democratic opposition to Trump’s judicial nominees.

“Most of the Republican conference is voting against most of Biden’s nominees,” Jipping said, noting that the Senate GOP conference was on average opposing nearly 80 percent of Biden’s picks.

That’s because Biden’s picks are mostly far left or very far left. Liberalism is dead. We’re getting crazy Left.

No matter how crazy they are and no matter how much the Left didn’t support Trump’s, Graham supports Biden’s for the most part.

Graham says he’s proud of the 200 judges the Trump administration picked. He voted for them too. He still golfs with Trump and tries to fix the shift between Trump and McConnell. Don’t hold up dinner for that one.

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2 years ago

Mr. Graham cannot be allowed to win his Seat again.Here that South Carolina!

chaz d'spaz
chaz d'spaz
2 years ago

Graham is done. He has proven to be a backstabber 100% of the time. F Lindsay Graham.

peaceful easy feeling
peaceful easy feeling
2 years ago

They make enough money and then never leave the swamp with some going straight from law degree into government for a lifetime career.
An overhead view of the swamp and the caption…this is why we can’t have nice things.

enn ess
enn ess
2 years ago

Lindsey Graham now wears the badge of Head Rino, now that Paul Ryan has retired it opened up the position and he couldn’t wait to fill it. Graham, McConnel, Romney, and a host of others are, and always have been, in the political arena for their benefit and their benefit alone. They don’t give a rats sphincter about the country unless it fits their personal agenda. they have proven this over and over and over. I can count the number of true conservative country loving Constitution understanding republicans on both hands and still have fingers left over to tie my boots. A traitorous lot they are and should be remembered that way next election round.