Grand Poobah of Hypocrisy Hillary Tells Librarians to Protect “Truth, Evidence, and Facts”


Hillary Clinton should be making license plates at Folsom, instead she’s giving hypocritical lectures to librarians telling them to protect “truth, evidence and facts”.

Did she tell them to protect the truth by putting it on a private server and hiding it in a bathroom closet.

Reality isn’t Hillary’s strong suit. She’s out of the woods and needs to go back.

Clinton begins by saying, “That’s why as librarians, once again, you have to be on the front lines of one of the most important fights we have ever faced in the history of our country, the fight to defend truth and reason, evidence and facts.”

This is the woman who is so famous for lying that the late liberal writer William Safire described her as a “congenital liar”.

The woman whose campaign was fraught with corruption wants librarians to protect the truth. As she presents herself as the purveyor of truth, the audience cheers.

Sounding like she’s campaigning, Clinton says, “I really do believe we are stronger together,” admitting it didn’t work for the last election. Her form of collectivism and globalism isn’t all that enticing but it is for these liberals and leftists hanging on her every word.

Hillary seems to think librarians are out there teaching media literacy. They never did that I know of. They organize the library and check out books.

She says librarians are “on the front lines”. That’s true, they’ll be the ones burning the books.

Her message of setting priorities and dissing Trump “goes far beyond any kind of political party or partisan feeling. It really does go to who we are as Americans; what we stand for.”

That is reminiscent of Obama’s line. We missed hearing it so. She also jabbed at Trump and imaginary right-wing fake news during her speech.

Our values are to let in every nonproductive human who wants to come through our open borders. At the same time, we must fund the tinpot dictators around the world who will pretend to use our money for the poor.

How does anyone listen to her rubbish? And these people eat it up. Well, don’t forget that a recent survey showed 16% of the country thinks if Trump were to be assassinated, she’d become president.

We dodged a bullet this past election but we might not be so lucky next time.

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