Grandma’s Arm Ripped Off, Begged to Be Let Go, Dragged to Her Death by Teens


A New Orleans grandmother,  Linda Frickey, 73, was killed in a brutal carjacking after having her arm RIPPED OFF by her seatbelt as she was dragged along. She pleaded with the teenage robbers to let her go. The media won’t mention the teens are black and the victim is white.

The white woman has dragged nearly a block after the four black teenage carjackers forced her out of her vehicle and her arm got stuck in the seatbelt. They stopped briefly, but not long enough to see if she was safe.

At a news conference on Tuesday, New Orleans Police Department Superintendent Shaun Ferguson said police had arrested a 17-year-old male, one 16-year-old female, and two 15-year-old females in the horrific crime. After they committed the crime, they bought a gun.

So, does this grandmother have white privilege, and are these teens just victims?

When schools refuse to discipline children based on race, they are teaching them to become sociopaths. When they teach them that they are victims, they help raise sociopaths. Criminal justice systems that refuse to punish them accordingly are encouraging them to commit more serious crimes.

The teens will be booked with second-degree murder, Ferguson said, adding he will ask the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office to charge them as adults. Their lives are over also.


She was reportedly leaving a local business when they attacked her. Witnesses said she was screaming for the group to let her go.

Her arm and her clothes were ripped off as she lay dying in the street. Locals covered her with a sheet and stayed with her.

Police released a video of four after they found Frickey’s car 13 blocks from where she was left in the road.

All four teens have been arrested before this incident, according to the police.

The Horrifying Scene

A neighbor in the area Leanne Mascar said she ran inside to grab a sheet to cover Frickey after running to help the older woman once she was left in the street.

“As soon as I saw her, I screamed. I just started running for her I thought if I could somehow, I don’t know what I could do, but I thought if I could dislodge her from this car…when I looked down her body was already there, and her arm was…It’s just not something you expect to see,” Mascar struggled to tell Fox 8.

“She was laying there naked, and I thought the indignity she just suffered it was already too much,” Mascar told Fox 8.

Mascar’s husband Mark sat next to Frickey as she “faded away” and “prayed” for the ambulance to arrive soon.

“I wasn’t, I was angry, I was telling her to hang in there because every time I heard a siren I was hoping and praying it was the ambulance. I kept telling her to hang in there, breathing, her eyes were moving. I’ve never seen something so horrific”‘ he told Fox 8.


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