Judge Jackson Is AOC-Lite in a Black Robe


Judge Ketanje Brown Jackson, our potential Supreme Court Justice, thinks it’s the amount of time you are trolling for or distributing child porn that helps determine the sentence. People have been defending her after Senator Hawley questioned her, calling his questions dishonest, so we wanted to wait and see how this fleshed out. As it happens, her answers are getting more troublesome.

Judge Jackson cares about criminals, not victims.

Since she doesn’t even know what a woman is, why is she even being considered for a seat on the Supreme Court?

Ketanje is a politician, not a judge. She calls illegal aliens “non-citizens“, and is pro-Critical Race Theory, a racist, anti-American ideology.

The Judge went to Harvard, wrote for the Law Review, yet she didn’t shine as one would have expected. Her answers weren’t as bad as AOC’s, but they are every bit as extreme. Her ideas are extreme and illogical.

Both AOC and Jackson were pushed by Demand Justice because of their politics.


Mrs. Jackson doesn’t understand that child sexual abuse is second only to murder. She truly doesn’t get it.

Jackson really has a problem sentencing perverts who ruin children’s lives.

If she doesn’t know what a woman is, how can we be sure Biden nominated a black woman?

She won’t answer the gender question which tells us all we need to know.


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