Great video of all the bad things Dr. Fauci told President Trump to do


Democrats and their new president, Joe Biden, continually told Donald Trump to follow the doctors’ and scientists’ advice on COVID. He did that. The Democrat hero at the time was Dr. Fauci.

Democrats aren’t taking as much credit for him now as they once did. And, Joe didn’t appoint him to his COVID team. Yet, all we heard for months was Trump isn’t listening to Fauci, where’s Fauci, did he fire Fauci?

Wonder why they don’t rely on Fauci now.




  1. Can we even trust Doctors. A Dr. Bob Lahita was on Newsmax talking about the Denmark study showing the “surgical” masks aren’t much better than going without. This isn’t the only study reflecting the same results.

    The “Doctor” says he doesn’t put much stock in it, even though he admits it was a carefully done study. He would really “caution” with this time of spikes he would not be a person running around without a mask. Then he makes a really bold statement. He would ask a hospital worker whether they would go into a Covid ward without a mask. Absolutely Not. “We have the N95…, the surgical.mask…” etc. There isn’t a person working in a hospital that would wear that “surgical mask” in a room with a Covid patient. I pointed out these details to Newsmax and said I’d Never trust Anything that Doctor has to say from now on.

  2. They don’t need Fraudski anymore. His useful status has passed.
    Now that the ballot box no longer works what next?

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