Green Party’s Radical Palestinian Candidate Wins: He Gardens, Shouts Allah Akbar, Palestinian Flags Waving


Palestinian terrorists seemed to have joined the Green Party in England as a vehicle to implement their destructive goals and build their caliphate. Their candidate for political office, who won in Leeds, shouted Allah Akbar, a phrase often shouted when they are killing “infidels.” His supporters waved Palestinian flags — in England for a political position in England.

The party is a toxic horror. They’re commies linking up with terrorists, just like in the US.  Only the UK is further along.

This guy is a Leeds Councillor. He says, “white supremacist European settler colonialism must end!”

Insane Brits think it’s racist to suspect this is a problem. You see, he has a lovely garden. How stupid do you have to be to say what Ben is saying?

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