Iran Offers Scholarships to Violent Psychos on US Campuses


The violent leader of Columbia University’s anti-Israel protest is unmasked. He is the son of a millionaire ad executive married to a model and lives in the $3.4M Brooklyn brownstone.

James Carlson, 40, is the son of Richard and Sandy Tarlow, millionaire ad executives.
He is married to model Kim Heyrman and has two children. Carlson is a longtime violent activist.

How ironic that a man with all the privilege in the world is a violent leftist who wants to overturn our government.

Iran and Yemen Wants The Radical Leftists

Iran and Yemen offered the violent lunatics on our campuses university seats. Iran’s offering scholarships. I think the lunatics should go and not come back. It’s a real opportunity for the “Death to America” crowd.

The demands of these lunatics are getting worse. The law chair at CUNY said that Middle Easterners are pouring in across the border and coming right to college campuses.

If you want to know whether the people are communists, look for these two words, “imperialist and colonialist” country. You will hear that constantly on these campuses.

The woman in the next clip wrote: Graduation week has started… Good luck, history, and humanity will not forget your honorable stance!

Maybe taking all these foreigners with very different cultures into the country is a bad idea?

George Washington is allowing the communist fascists to run amok. Why? Incompetence, radical ideology, cowardice?

George Washington is rolling over in his grave. The US is sinking into anarchy in colleges, cities, DC, and right in the Oval Office and Congress.

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