Greg Gutfeld Eviscerates the DOJ Charges Against Donald Trump


Fox News’s Greg Gutfeld was no-holds-barred in his response to the indictment against Donald J. Trump.

“It’s really hard for me to take this seriously. And I don’t think any sensible American should take what’s happening very seriously, should anger them,” Gutfeld said. “But the actual charges you can’t take seriously. Their feelings masquerading as facts, their opinions trying to be passed off as crimes, it’s garbage dressed up with a legal thesaurus.”

“And it’s criminalizing speech. You have every right to think an election might be rigged or fixed. I mean is every institution perfect? I mean what if we criminalize the idea that if you said the justice system was flawed, but if we told you that you know what you’re saying the justice system is rigged, you’re going to jail,” he continued. “But that’s been the common refrain. So I think it’s amazing to me how hatred for Trump has turned the haters into what they claim to condemn.”

“These are all the things that they would have accused him of that he never did. This is why I can’t take it seriously. I have a hard time.”

Trump is now facing more than 80 criminal charges in three separate cases, and hundreds of years in prison. That doesn’t include pending charges out of Georgia with DA Fani Willis, who ran on the ‘get Trump’ ticket.

Democrats now say it proves Republicans are the party of criminals, even as the evidence against Joe Biden grows along with the weaponization of the DOJ.

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