Greg Jarrett Stands Up Against Never Trumper Neil Cavuto


When Fox News legal analyst Greg Jarrett joined Neil Cavuto on his show to discuss his new book The Russia Hoax, the never Trump host threw a lot at him, but it didn’t shake Jarrett.

Cavuto called the book a riveting read and very well-researched, but he’s no fan of the President’s.

Cavuto grilled Jarrett and likely thinks the Russia-Trump affair is legitimate. No matter what he said, Jarrett had a great answer.

There is not a scintilla of evidence and Jarrett knows the subject inside-out. There is no there-there, but Jarrett worries about Mueller and his team, and their conflicts of interest.

It’s interesting in that it wasn’t so much an interview as a failed effort by a never Trumper to catch up the President’s best defender, who is armed with research. Cavuto fails miserably here.

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