Greg Kelly exposes Chris Wallace after he blatantly lied about Georgia law


On Sunday, far-left Chris Wallace on FOX News said voters would be punished since they can’t have food and water while voting thanks to the Georgia Election Integrity Act. Most people know that is a lie. They can have food. There are food trucks nearby and they can order food.

The Left was electioneering and that is the only thing that is banned. These people know that. They’re upset because it will be harder to cheat.

Erick Erickson wrote in an email this morning:

The “local Democrats in charge of polling locations have allowed Democrat activists to pass out food and water while urging votes for Democrats. The Democrats have claimed this is not electioneering but taking care of those in long lines,” he wrote.

He continued, “In 2018, left-wing activists in Planned Parenthood t-shirts passed out water and iTunes gift cards in the sixth congressional district. Last year, left-wing activists passed out water with left-wing group logos affixed to it. It was electioneering that local officials denied was electioneering.”

Kelly was having none of it and exposed Wallace. Why Fox has him on is a mystery.


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