Biden holds weekly conference calls with Sanders and Warren and here comes their dream bill


Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are the leaders of the far-far Left [they’re really communists]. And Biden holds a conference call with Sanders and Warren every week, according to Bill O’Reilly on his podcast this evening. It’s not on Biden’s schedule but holds one every week. He’s also in frequent contact with Barack Obama.

Bernie didn’t need to get elected. Biden is doing everything Bernie wants and Bernie doesn’t have to bother with the fuss of the presidency.

O’Reilly explained what’s in the new enormous spending bill coming up on Friday from the very people that screamed over the expense of the border wall.


Joe Biden is going to go to Pittsburgh on Wednesday to unveil his Build Back Better program. It will involve a massive amount of government spending.

The government doesn’t have the five trillion it will spend — the recent $1.9 trillion, and the upcoming $3 trillion. There is no money anywhere.

He will get it from the people. The powerful, socialist Biden government will tell us all how much money we are allowed to have.  That is what socialism [soon to be communism] is. Socialists take most of your money as their policies fail, and they need more.

Biden will reverse the corporate tax that did so much for our economy. He’ll chase the money makers – corporations – out of the country. In addition to all the taxes they have to pay, the corporate tax will go back up to 29%.

The five trillion will come from the people, you and me, and corporations. That tale about not taxing the middle class was just to get him elected.

The Two-Part Monstrosity

There are two parts to the Build Back Better bill. The first part is the absurd Green New Deal. They plan to stop global warming although we all know China and India will keep that from having any impact. They will do a few good things but they will also invest in clean energy like Solyndra, fund millions to retrofit existing buildings and there will be a lot of pockets in D.C. to fill along the way. Money will go to private companies, friends of the administration and there won’t be much of an accounting.

The second part of the bill will be freebies and reparations. They will hand out money to stay in power. Education programs will increase women in the workforce even though they already make up half of the workforce. There will be more subsidies – freebies – for low-income Americans for Obamacare. There will be tax credits to allegedly cut poverty.

In other words, half the country will pay for the other half.

The government will pay for everything with your money.

The middle class will get hit. Taxes on gas and oil will go up. Corporations will pass their costs to us. Cars will cost a lot more. Everything will go up because the owners of businesses will be taxed very heavily until they move a lot offshore. Millions of jobs will be lost.

This will easily lead us into The Great Reset.

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Curious Circus
Curious Circus
2 years ago

The radio is on fire talking about Marxist-Leninist, Rules for Radicals, Big Ol’ Pimp Willie Brown and the Kamal, Hussein Hopenchange and Slick Willie having to hide what they really are, moving quickly so that the CPUSA can never be unseated.
This on a megawatt station 100 plus miles away so just imagine the reach and size of audience in every direction.
Hoping that CPUSA voters will wake up is wildly optimistic and most telescreen addicts will be too busy to look up and smell the socialist sulfur.

2 years ago

Half the Country already pays for the other half. What Democrats are trying to do is have 10% pay for the 90% because that is what actually happens under Communism.