Grim Reaper Cuomo Forced COVID Patients to Nursing Homes-But Providing PPE not “our job”


Governor Cuomo’s deadly mismanagement of New York State nursing homes is becoming a growing story.  The NY Post has begun to expose the arrogant, imperious governor New Yorkers have seen for years.

It began by asking why — given indisputable evidence that elderly with underlying medical conditions were exponentially more vulnerable to COVID 19 — did King Andrew decree older folks testing positive had to be admitted to senior care facilities.

Stepping way out of character, a generally egocentric Cuomo modestly and somewhat unbelievably claimed, he knew nothing about it.  He quickly deferred to state health commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker who then stated, “The necessary precautions will be taken to protect other residents there.”

Democrat Assemblyman, Ron Kim debunked that pipe dream saying, “….he’s lying or they have no idea what’s going on on the ground.”

Yet a pious Cuomo has basically dismissed culpability by claiming, “it’s not our job” to provide personal protective equipment to those places suffering thousands of deaths, as a result of his dictate.

Not so fast say people actually living this nightmare.  Their testimonials are compelling.

The CEO of NYS Health Health Facilities Association, Stephen Hanse, “blamed the admission policy for bringing the coronavirus into some homes — where the governor has acknowledged that it spreads “like fire in dry grass.  “This prevented them (facilities) from safeguarding their residents and staff.”

Marie Marsala, whose 54-year-old daughter has multiple sclerosis and lives in a Long Island nursing home, said she was “very angry” at Cuomo.  “It’s his job to protect the people who are compromised.  He governs all of us, so he has to govern according to the needs of the people and the people in nursing homes need to be treated in a way they’re not put in jeopardy.”

Democrat Public Advocate Jumaane Williams accused Cuomo of “unacceptable lapses in leadership” after assuming “unprecedented power to address this public health crisis, causing him to enjoy an 87 percent approval rating and national fame.”

Williams continued, “Instead of accountability for errors, so we can learn and move forward, he instead says protecting the people who he knows are most vulnerable — who are losing their lives in unsafe conditions — is not his job”

We go back to Queens Dem, Ron Kim to put this wholly preventable loss of life in short, not so sweet perspective.  He found the “not our job” comment “infuriating”.  “The buck stops with him.  But he’s saying the buck doesn’t stop with him.

“We gave him the authority to save lives and he’s not.”

Meanwhile, COVID 19 remains the grim reaper, Cuomo inexplicably freed to stalk innocents trapped in senior health care facilities.

As the New York Post screamed, “….it’s just insane-and evil”.



  1. A fly on the wall at comrade Cuomo’s luxurious dacha:

    Let them eat gruel. PPE are for the comrades and not for the useless eaters.
    Forward! Yes we can.
    Keep the Deplorable Kulak Untermenschen out.
    An increase in vodka rations for esteemed party member comrade Wilhelm DeBlasio.

  2. Will proudly pass this forward and hope that there might be some liberals, with that newly certified finding by national psychiatrists that they have a mental disorder, who will actually get there bubble bursted that this despicable disgrace of a democrat will probably not get the nod to be their anointed presidential candidate!!!

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