Grim Reaper Cuomo Now Chiding Other States On NY’s COVID “Success”


Governor Andrew Cuomo has, except for some difficult questions from the pesky New York Post, enjoyed a king and his court type media atmosphere during the Love Gov’s daily COVID briefings.  He wows a mostly fawning press corps with PowerPoint and slideshow presentations.

Even as Andrew’s presented horrific New York numbers of contagion and death, that exponentially exceeds any other state in the union, they marvel at his delivery.  So who could blame Cuomo for now chiding others on how they’ve handled their Wuhan Flu virus?

Andy’s taken to pointing out how some states infection rates have risen as they’ve opened up, while his fiefdom has not.  Of course, we have barely begun to loosen any restrictions.  The first major exception would be a sparsely populated upstate, which probably never should have been shut down.  The second was much of New York City which was unofficially turned loose by a combination of rioting mobs and peaceful protesters.

Apparently no one saw fit to ask Governor Cuomo if the virus’ still pending 2 week incubation period might affect those who have been and continue to be in the midst of all that action.

But why be speculative when we can put the governor’s poking at other governor’s much more successful handling of the pandemic in perspective?

Three states mentioned, with rates rising above New York, were Florida, Arizona, and Texas.  Using info available as of this writing, let’s look at the big picture.

New York, with a population of roughly 19.5 million has had 383,000 cases and 30,800 deaths.

Florida, with about 2 million more residents, counts 73,600 infections and 2,925 passings.

Arizona, home to 7.3 million has recorded 32,900 COVID illnesses and 1,144 pandemic fatalities.

Texas populated by 29.9 million people has tracked 83,680 cases and 1,940 deaths.

The total number of people living in Florida, Arizona, and Texas is 58.7 million, which is 3x the number calling New York their home.   Yet the Empire State has had twice as many coronavirus infections.

All you need to know about a comparison of fatalities is: 6,000 totaled in the other 3 states combined, is matched or exceeded by the number of dead, just in New York’s elder care facilities.

At this point, Cuomo offering advice to just about any other governor would be like Edward John Smith mentoring naval students.  Smith was captain of the Titanic.

But his camp followers in the media continue to dutifully carry his water.

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