Groundbreaking SCOTUS case that could decide the election?


The Trump campaign’s Pennsylvania case involving Governor Wolf and Secretary of State Brookvar involves a decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court regarding how late mail-in ballots can be counted in that state.

Is this groundbreaking or a Hail Mary Pass? We haven’t seen the evidence and since the Trump campaign didn’t get a hearing, no one did.

The case that could decide it all started weeks ago and is currently waiting at the U.S. Supreme Court. The Boockvar case involves a decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court regarding how late mail-in ballots can be counted in that state.

If the Supreme Court takes up this case and the presidential election hinges on the result of the vote in Pennsylvania, the high court could determine who is elected president.

If the Supreme Court decides to hear the case, look at how circuit courts are allotted.

The case is a Hail Mary pass and Alan Dershowitz is going to attempt it.




  1. It should have never gotten to this point. The “Trump Team” should have been on this before the election. There was never any point to mail in ballots. The virus had nothing to do with it. Absentee ballots have a provision for absence due to illness. Mail in ballots were simply a scam to steal the election. We all knew this, and nothing was done to stop it. Why?

    • Elections are a State’s right issue decided at the state level. Until some type of fraud regarding a federal election is proven in court, the Fed has no rights in the matter. On it’s face, this appears to be a coordinated effort by several States to defraud the American people. SCOTUS can take up this case and hopefully voter ID will be the end result. I live in SW Washington State. We have had vote by mail for years. Dominion hardware is used here, while I’m not certain what software they use. Biden supposedly did as well this election, as Hillary did in 2016. That is a crock of crap. There were three Biden yard signs this cycle. After Hunter’s laptop came to light, two of the Biden yard signs were taken down. Honest Americans don’t like cheaters and I know of ONE retired schoolteacher who voted for Burisma Biden, and she is only a maybe voted.

      • The only problem is Barr is hiding the evidence not looking into the evidence. They raided the servers to protect the fraud, not expose it.

  2. Does the Ga. DEmo senator candidate have a white wife yet. It seems that that is the top rung of the success ladder for black men. And what about the black women left behind..sounds like decrimination to me. If whites are superior to blacks, why not be more like them. Dye your hair blond, etc.

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