Trump campaign attorney responds to Pennsylvania ruling & they’re grateful


Trump campaign attorney Jenna Ellis tweeted a statement about the Pennsylvania case decided today. She said they actually read the ruling before commenting, unlike the media.



  1. It should have never gotten to this point. It just shouldn’t have. This is typical Trump tactics, though. It’s necessary to get the swamp creatures to raise their scaly heads up out of the swamp, before they can be conveniently lopped off. It may not be the only way, but it is Trump’s way.

  2. I am all for taking on this corrupt bull by the damn horns. This leftist drivel and absolute crime must be aired out and destroyed. The software of dominion/sequoia/smartmatic wherein an algorithm flips vote ratios and steals votes and adds nonexistent votes. Then the ground game with fraudulent ballots in gobs to help cover the whole thing up. No voter ID on top of that and you have the perfect storm of fraud the left desired. Eric comer of d/s/s even boasted on a chat with fellow leftist not to worry about trump winning as he “made F’ng sure of that”. Then we find out that dominion and smartmatic have a long standing non compete agreement and of course smartmatic bought the sequoia vote systems from dominion , then we see dominion technical patents were transferred to the bank of china in sept 2019. And we know Trump passed an EO regarding election interference in 2018. He and his people saw what was fomenting. This is the most dirty and blatant coup attempt in SUS history and it must be burned to the ground and those perpetrating it hung from the trees lining the streets of DC. This treason can not go unpunished let alone stand !.

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