GSA secretly offered FBI records of 13 Trump transition team members


A report from Republicans on the Senate Homeland Security and Senate Finance Committees says that officials at the General Services Administration (GSA), an allegedly neutral transition team keeper of records contacted the FBI on Feb. 15, 2017.

According to The Daily Caller, they asked the FBI if they wanted them to preserve the documents related to Michael Flynn. The FBI took them up on their offer.

Flynn had just resigned as national security adviser after the brouhaha over his phone conversation with a Russian ambassador — a legal call.

The GSA is supposed to be a “neutral services provider” and they violated the terms of their agreement.

Why did they call the FBI in the first place? It wasn’t publicly known that they were investigating Flynn.

According to the Senate report, the special counsel’s office made a similar preservation request to GSA in August 2017.

They also asked for the records of 12 other transition officials, including then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo, and White House adviser Jared Kushner.

Pompeo and Kushner???

That request was submitted by then-FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, who has since pleaded guilty to altering a document regarding Carter Page.

The GSA never told the White House about this.

The report quotes multiple emails involving GSA officials and members of the special counsel’s team discussing the records preservation requests.

This stinks to high heaven.



  1. Here goes another General Flynn routine!!! BEWARE Mr. Bobulinski…The FBI will entrap you just to keep you away from exposing the BIDEN AFFAIR SCANDAL…They’re TOTALLY CORRUPT!!! BUT!
    IF you DO have a interview with the FBI, make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN to have your Lawyer with you! And DO NOT SPEAK without your LAWYER present!!

    • That probably is the best advise anyone ever had.
      While I’m fully supportive of the police, when it comes to the FBI, at least the leadership is no longer committed to law enforcement and has become politicized, using their position for political purposes, which must be against the law, but where is law enforcement on policing their own in the FBI leadership?
      It appears they were in on the coup attempt, but the media, rather than reporting it, attacks Trump because he’s still in office and they are committed to getting him out of office, even if it means supporting an illegal coup attempt.

  2. An obscure alphabet soup agency bubbles up from the fetid putrid slime ridden cesspool swamp.
    Kushner was a private citizen at the time and still is.
    Got Banana Republic? Yes we can!

  3. Is there any part of the Federal government that isn’t as corrupt as Biden? And why won’t ANYONE but Trump try to fix it? Barr? Hello?

  4. NO SUCH THING as a “neutral” federal agency
    EVERY fed agency has been lousy with Deep State operatives for decades.
    Plus, Obama Made damned sure each of them were PACKED with DS traitors before he left office.
    There was no, “peaceful transition.” Obama had land mines planted EVERYWHERE

  5. Chairman Xi is very proud of the General Services Administration. Brave Party members must always expose citizens that might undermine the goals of the Party. Praise Mao that the Ministry of State Security has all the information available needed to effectively discredit, and disappear the thought criminals. The Party remains victorious in it’s wisdom and virtue as it liberates the people from political oppression. Mao Lives!

  6. Just more of the cabal President Trump will have to flush after the election. I just hope the sewer system can withstand the strain.

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