Guess who is escorting illegal aliens across our border — the UN


The United Nations does not have our best interests at heart and would like us to be as communistic as they are.

Footage from the Daily Mail below shows migrants being escorted into the states by people wearing vests associated with UN officials who promote resettlement.

Who is in charge, Joe Biden or the UN? Obviously, the UN.

This is truly disgusting.


A local CBS affiliate in south Texas confirmed the UN’s presence. Watch the illegal aliens crossing the Gateway International Bridge into the border town of Brownsville, Texas, with the help of UN officials who allegedly screened migrants for COVID-19 upon entry.

They will turn Texas blue.

Hope you’re willing to pay for them because most will be burdens on society.

Meanwhile, Biden is bulletproof because he’s an idiot, and Obama and Jarrett are there in the background and they’re bulletproof too.


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2 years ago

I would like to know WHO did provide the shirts Biden let us in???

Dance Hall Days
Dance Hall Days
2 years ago

The UN is about ushering in the global Soviet.
Don’t worry China, Russia, Iran, they will play along but won’t be the vassal state for any unelected self-appointed master of the universe bureaucrats in Brussels or NYC.
They will use it as a means to get rid of America with the help of a fifth column of clueless idiots who think that utopia is one more law or regulation away.
The glorious future world of the new man always awaits. (not really)

2 years ago

Making us all a Global Village of slaves