Gun Criminal E. Jean Carroll Surrenders Her Gun to Police


NBC News reports that E. Jean Carroll’s gun was seized after she admitted to having an unregistered gun during Donald Trump’s most recent civil case over him allegedly defaming her. That was after she lodged a sexual assault claim with no evidence, no date of the assault decades ago making it indefensible, and a history of fake assault claims.

She also said the assault was a “playful, exciting, charming” rape.

The chief of police in Warwick, New York, visited Carroll at her home on Feb. 15 “to discuss some open issues,” which was her statement that she never registered her pistol.

Carroll and her lawyer surrendered the gun the next day.

The reporting officer, John Rader, said in his report that he “offered to secure the weapon at the police station’s property for safekeeping.”

Isn’t this a gun crime? Shouldn’t she face criminal charges? Unless, of course, she’s above the law in our two-tiered justice system.

Actually, it was a misdemeanor but since March 2013, it’s a felony.

She is a threat to democracy.

Under New York state law, a person can be found guilty of criminal possession if they possess a firearm, such as a pistol, that has not been registered. The felony carries a maximum sentence of four years.

This woman with a gun is terrifying.

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