Fed Transport Minister of Germany to Ban Cars on Weekends?


It is important to know what our key allies are doing and recognize the insanity of it because it’s coming here. It will especially come here if Democrats have their way and make the United States a one-party nation.

Germany has gone MAD, truly. They keep passing the most bizarre laws and rules centered around their irrational fear of climate change and all the nonsensical solutions for it. This one could mandate Germans not to use their cars on weekends.

Volker Wissing

The latest crazy potential rule comes from Federal Transport Minister Wissing. He’s getting blowback so that he will think twice. He’s threatening to just do it, at least for the summer.

The minister’s quote reads, “22 million tons of CO2 can only be saved with driving bans.”

He’s trying to bully the nation.

Federal Transport Minister Wissing (FDP) said that driving bans will be unavoidable if the Climate Protection Act is not reformed. 22 million tons of CO2 equivalents would have to be saved immediately, two days a week without a car.

The transport sector has repeatedly exceeded the guidelines for permitted CO2 emissions. Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) warned of an impending driving ban in a letter to the parliamentary group leaders of the traffic light coalition.

According to Reuters:

“Greenhouse emissions of Europe’s biggest economy fell to the lowest level in 70 years in 2023, but the transport sector has been consistently failing to meet its climate targets.

“According to the current climate protection law, Reuters says the ministry responsible for underperforming sectors must launch an immediate program to put them back on track.”

According to Politico EU:

“The fact that the amendment is still not in force leads to considerable legal and factual uncertainties,” liberal [leftist] politician Volker Wissing wrote in a letter to the parliamentary group leaders of the coalition, German outlet BILD reported Thursday.

“This serves neither the climate nor the reputation of the federal government,” he said.

He’s allegedly reluctant to do it because transportation is a hard sector to reform. We should just send Joe Biden over as an adviser. Uncle Joe’s effectively ruining our air, car, and truck sectors. He could come with Pothole Peter and check out the racist roads while they’re there.

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