Gun Grabbing College Reject David Hogg Gets Into Harvard


After receiving a dozen rejections from colleges, including Central Florida, for his mediocre record, David Hogg has been accepted into Harvard. That’s the school being sued for bias against high-performing Asians because too many of them are smart. And lucky us, the hard-left radical plans to study political science.

They aren’t looking for intelligent Asians or Conservatives, but they are seeking hard-left Twitter blatherskites.

The reactions on Twitter were strongly for or against

The editor of the now-defunct, The Weekly Standard, and Commentary Magazine, Jason Podhoretz said we have to all shut up. We are supposed just take the man-child’s abuse, let him call us murderers, and not notice when he gets into a school he is ill-qualified to attend.

Hunter Pollack who is a real survivor and whose sister died in Parkland mentioned the advantage socialists have since they aren’t required to earn their success.

His scores didn’t get him into Central Florida, but they’re good enough for Harvard

He doesn’t quite make the bottom 25% of students at Harvard, further proving he didn’t earn his spot and suggesting he might not do well. He can get extra credit for being an abusive jerk on Twitter.

Mediaite columnist John Ziegler stated the obvious. Harvard only wants to train leftists, even unaccomplished ones.

SAT scores, grades, and manners are irrelevant in considering Harvard admissions. You just have to be an SJW mouthpiece.

This is a Harvard asset

He is going to be an asset for Harvard says the NIA girl in the next tweet.

Here’s the Harvard asset in the flesh:


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