Gunman opens fire on officer driving in a police vehicle in Suffolk, Virginia


Someone opened fire on a police car in Suffolk, Virginia last night. Although the vehicle was hit three times, the officer was not hurt. It happened at about 7:25 pm. The officer was simply driving on Broad Street.

“There is a large police presence in the immediate area as Officers collect evidence and search for a suspect,” the Suffolk Police Department said in a statement posted on social media.

This incident comes just days after two police officers were ambushed by a gunman as they sat in their parked police vehicle in Los Angeles. One officer, 31, was shot in her jaw and arms. The other officer, 24, suffered gunshot wounds to his forehead, arms, and a hand.

The police are looking for the gunmen in Suffolk, Virginia, and in Compton, LA County.

This is the world the Democrats built. They have made targets out of officers.



  1. Actions like these two shootings of LEOs simply for being present are exemplary of what private citizens will face when anarchy rules the day after the police departments are dismantled and no longer exist.

    The only difference will be the targets.

  2. when a nation start to attack and discriminate its military and law enforcement,there will be no one to join the military and the law enforcement to protect this nation in the face of enemies within and enemies outside,and this nation would inevitably fall into decline ,that’s the lesson of how Rome fell,Western people,don’t be so stupid to repeat the same historical mistake again

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