Milwaukee man arrested for pulling a gun on BLM mob surrounding his home


A Milwaukee man was arrested for pulling or visibly holding a gun by the front door of his home, menacing a mob of Black Lives Matter ‘protesters’ who surrounded his home. They made a racket, for several hours.

The man had a ‘Trump train’ flag outside his home, although we don’t know if that’s why they surrounded his home.

The BLM group, including children, poured onto the man’s property who they were harassing after he was arrested by police. They’re calling him “Probation Pete.” The mob is celebrating his arrest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, even though they are anti-police and anti-prison.

This is very confusing since you are allowed to carry guns in Milwaukee. We thought self-defense was allowed. This seems like McCloskey redux.


This is what was going on prior to the man holding up a gun. He appears to just hold the gun which was apparently cocked. He might have aimed it.

Some neighbors claim he’s a racist. In a FB clip shared by Kitty, someone uses the ‘n’ word in some context. Even if he is, what right do they have to harass him? Why aren’t they arrested?


They are traveling troublemakers, it seems:



  1. The DA who organized this arrest is the real criminal and needs to be removed by all means possible. He is not just a member of the mob the is the leader, facilitator, and aider and abettor. His actions encourage and facilitate mob violence — needs to be arrested (use your own words) like the mad Marxist dog he is.

  2. It’s a given that BLM, Antifa and the mobs hate police. Are some cops now trying to get Trump supporters to turn against the Blue. If you cannot defend your Own DAMN home, then where are we. Maybe it’s time we find out where These people live.

    • Absolutely! Time to turn the tables on them. Why weren’t they arrested for Trespass and Disorderly Conduct? Anyone can say someone says things. Proving it is another story. These people need to be charged. If you don’t have the right to protect your home, family and property they’ve already won. Just sad.

      • The reason they were not arrested is the DA is part of the mob. He/she is the organizer,aider and abettor and leader of the mob. The DA’s actions encourages and incites mob violence and intimidates those who will protect their property and lives. This scum needs to be removed.

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